At MamaCare DayCare, we are a part of community of learners along with children. As learners, we continually examine our programs, reflect and re-assess our work. We believe in expanding child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social and creative capacities. By providing children with rich experiences in these areas of learning, we can support children to develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are the foundation for lifelong learning. We have designed a curriculum to stimulate creative learning in child depending on individuals’ unique potential. We have divided our curriculum to Mama’s scholars, flight of imagination and grooming & blooming.

  • Mama's Scholar
  • Flight of Imagination
  • Grooming & Blooming

The development of languages and literacies in children give them strong basis of successful learning throughout their life. ‘Literacies’ is a broad term used for development of physical, social, emotional, linguistic, creative and intellectual means of communication among children. We believe, in cultivating language and literacies, it is essential to nurture the emotional, creative, social and intellectual capacities that support the use of range of expressive mediums, rather than limiting learning activities to learning the alphabets or counting to 10. In this segment, we make sure:

  • Language and literacy are reflected in our practise.
  • Child has a good grasp of language and literacy at an early stage which is excellent or brain development.
  • To introduce child with writing and fine motor exercises.
  • To teach children mathematics which is fundamental to problem solving skills.
  • To introduce children with scientific experiments which will be a way to make them learn about fundaments of science like gravity.

The capacity to explore and create is important to nurture the zest for life that is the fundamental of all learning. Through play, children express their curiosity about the world and explore early learning goals. We firmly believe in supporting children’s creative play and to further enhance that ability we provide them with tools like yoga, mindfulness, music, art, dance, and drama. In this segment, we keep in mind:

  • How creativity and exploration is reflected in our practise.
  • Hands on learning and natural environment are part of everyday activity.
  • To stimulate senses through what child, see, hear, touch, and feel.
  • To teach breathing techniques to enhance concentration, increase balance and relax the mind.
  • To promote fun projects that develops child’s creativity.
  • To make children think out of the box and letting them know imagination has no boundaries!

A sense of belonging and well-being is important to children as they learn about and explore the world around them. Feeling of confidence is vital to them as they start to explore their creative capacities as thinkers, friends, family members, citizens, and stewards of the natural environment. In blooming and grooming we make sure:

  • Well-being and belonging are reflected in our practise.
  • To encourage acceptance of diversity among children.
  • Children are shown they are competent and capable.
  • Children learn how to contribute to the society.
  • Activities are rooted in empowering exercises and activities in collaboration, community, recognition, and the environment around them.
  • Children are mindful of things like waste, cleanliness and how usage of plastic impacts our planet.