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"Do not limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time"
~ Rabindranath Tagore

Children are like dormant seeds that lay beneath the frozen surface of soil. It is the society’s greatest duty and perhaps the greatest challenge to create such conditions that are conducive of these seeds blooming into a lush green spring field.
MamaCare DayCare is an initiative to provide exceptional childhood education and care. We endeavor to create such an atmosphere where every child feels like the centre of attention. Adopting an individualistic approach is critical to our scheme of things, because we acknowledge thet every child is different. It is important to embrace this diversity of thoughts, community & culture.


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Age: 30 Months To School Age

Why Choose MamaCare

MamaCare DayCare aims to develop the overall learning of a child by using an internal curriculum created to match the needs of every child. Through extracurricular activities, our early learning centres give students the chance to find their hobbies and interests. We also support their development by teaching them lessons on holistic growth and life skills.

Please note that families need to renew their application every year.

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What Parents Say About MamaCare

  • Emily Grimes (Manager)

    “ Entire team of MamaCare DayCare is such a wonderful group of people. They are innovative and have a scientific temperament. I highly recommend MamaCare DayCare for your daily childcare needs "

  • Navjeet Singh (Sales Person )

    “ MamaCare DayCare not only provides an incredible amount of support for my daughters, showing them constant patience, understanding and kindness, but also allows me to return to work with confidence that my children are cared for, nurtured and loved ”

  • Baljit kaur

    “ Mamacare daycare truly exceeded my expectations. From the moment I stepped through the door, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff members are not only friendly but also incredibly attentive to the needs of both children and parents. ”

  • Shikshya Bhattarai

    “My sister's experience at this daycare has been wonderful. Despite English not being her first language, the staff has created a welcoming space where she feels right at home. Overcoming her initial shyness, she now eagerly shares stories of her day, brimming with happiness and newfound knowledge. ”

  • Nisansala Habarakadage

    “I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional care my son receiving at this daycare. The dedicated staff creates a nurturing and engaging environment, fostering both educational and social development. Highly recommend their service. ”

  • Harjeet Gill

    “ I am very pleased with mamacare daycare. My son likes to go there without crying. All the teachers are very friendly and welcoming. But Miss Raman and Kamal are very caring and loving.My son is learning a lot.He loves to go there and enjoyed. ”

  • Geethu Venugopal

    “ Deciding on the right daycare was a big decision, and we definitely made the right choice for our son. Mamacare daycare has provided him with a nurturing and stimulating environment. ”

  • Bani Sharma

    “ I'm pleased with this daycare my daughter attends. The teachers are exceptionally friendly, fostering a warm environment. My daughter is learning a lot. The setting and discipline are also commendable. I would highly recommend to everyone. ”

  • Priyanka Ajith

    “ All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Our son got adjusted real soon, despite his first language not being English and really enjoys going to daycare now. It is his first time in a daycare, and he really likes it now. A big shout out to Raman and Kamal for always being warm and welcoming to us and our son. ”

  • Kamaljeet Kaur

    “ The staff are very professional and extremely friendly to all children. It is a very loving daycare. Parents have never had a problem with any of the staff or owners not telling what child has been up to during the day… they have always told parents what kids has done and accomplished. ”

  • Jéssica Biskupska

    “ I am very happy with Mamacare. My daughter likes to go, says goodbye to me and leaves the house without crying. All the teachers are very attentive and careful with my daughter. Thank you very much to the whole team. ”

  • Hitman Chahal

    “ We had an amazing experience visiting there . They have a really experienced staff and a wonderful environment . ”